The Life of a Seasoned Gambler

A seasoned player in poker knows very well the significance of playing the game relating to the opponent’s weaknesses. For example, of an opponent has never bluffed in the whole course of the game, then that player would most likely to call bets when his poker hand is quite solid.

Playing with this kind of opponent is quite easy to deal with, most probably if the hand is legitimate and that it is not beaten, then that player would most likely to fold. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to make players not to make a bluff against you, because if he is thinking to bluff at you, then will probably succeed. If most of the time, a certain player call bets, regardless of whether the opponent is true or not, he would really begin bluffing. If you encounter a player like this, you have to bet against that player aggressively early in the game.

You have to plan in advance the things that you need to do if in case he bets or he raises. If you plan to fold, then take some time before doing it and then just fold despite of you having a weak hand. Make it look like you wanted to do a call. Creating this image would let the opponent think that he has no way of beating you, and with this, he may quit bluffing and he would just do the real thing. This is exactly what you want to happen for you to be able to win.

This trick may also be true for the game backgammon. In this game, there isn’t a single card that is unknown, because everything is open, and the only thing that is unknown here is your state of mind. When you are playing with somebody who is quite slow for the cube, you should do everything you can to make him double the slow so that he will miss the doubles.

You have to always think earlier and decide if you really want to get it or not. While you are thinking about the cube decision, do not make it obvious to your opponents that you are thinking that way. Do not make it appear that you are already planning your moves against him, or else you’ll get busted and he may think of ways to negate what you are planning. The main idea here is to make the other players feel that you can actually take more than what you can, and thus he will slowly double.